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you've wanted to tackle.

We love helping people carefully edit their homes, re-purpose pieces they’ve owned for years and gain a fresh perspective on how they live.  And our focus on senior moves and senior relocation means we're able to help you or a loved one handle the emotional and often difficult transition from a home of 20, 30, 40 years to a smaller one, sometimes in another state.  If moving to another town or state, our membership in the National Association of Senior Move Managers ensures we have an expert partner on the ground at the new home location.  Whether moving to an apartment, retirement community or with family, locally or long distance, we can help manage all aspects of this important transition.

Cull & Tend

Welcome to Cull & Tend!  We offer a concierge approach to helping you or a loved one:

 Overwhelmed by house and home?  

Let us help you cull with purpose

and tend to what's important.

  • Organize, sort, pack and manage a move, including floor planning for the new space
  • Gain control over a home that is busting at the seams with careful editing
  • Make and execute a plan for belongings you no longer wish to keep
  • Unpack, setup and design your new space to feel as though you’ve lived there for months
  • ​Make improvements to your current home to better fit your lifestyle, such as a modest renovation or staying-in-place strategies

We handle large, complicated projects such as  downsizing to a smaller space or creating an inventory of belongings so you can appraise, gift and donate.  And we

excel at smaller projects, too, like that kitchen or garage

We can help!  CONTACT US at 202-441-0919