The Move

  • Interview movers, facilitate the move
  • Provide packing prep for the movers and oversee/handle the unpack
  • Assist with details of the new home ahead of move, such as detailed floor plans, paint colors, rug cleaning, reframing, to name a few  
  • Stage belongings in new home, with everything in its place
  • Work with realtor to clear out and prepare former home for sale


Our Promise to You

We approach each project with discretion, compassion and a calm and steady hand.  We follow strict codes of professional organizing and moving ethics.  Your home and personal life belong to you, and we keep your personal information in strict confidence, always.

Staying-in-Place Strategies

  • A full home and property assessment with recommendations for longevity
  • Reorganize home for greater functional ease, such as moving a washer/dryer from a lower level
  • Manage minor home renovations, such as adding a shower to a downstairs bathroom
  • Manage home maintenance on a monthly, retainer-based schedule to handle regular and seasonal tasks around the home and property

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Rightsizing, Downsizing, Home Organizing

& Clutter Reduction

  • Organize, sort personal belongings
  • Make a plan for belongings no longer wanted
  • Facilitate an estate sale or auction
  • Inventory belongings for insurance purposes
  • Gift to heirs and others
  • Donate items where they are most needed
  • Re-purpose pieces to meet current lifestyle
  • Assist with shredding old documents